Making of ‘Divergence Counter’

Next, the most painful part of this project – animation.
But before that, I had to modify the scene.

To make it easier selecting individual digits, I added litle dummy digit, to each digit.

In the next image you can see my scene setup I used for digit animation.
First I changed Track View from “Curve Editor”, to “Drope Sheet”.
Next I added “Visibility Track” to all digits and changed it’s controller from “Bezier float”, to “On/Of”
Now I was able to easily change visibility of any digit, just by adding a key in digit’s visibility track.

Before animating I had to make scheme for digit animation sequence. For that I used paper, pen and alot of time.

When the animation scheme was done, it was time to get it from paper, to max.
By guiding from the scheme, I added keys to each digit’s visibility track every two, to four frames.

Now I have to mention, that I actually had two types of digits to animate, glowing digits and regular(non glowing) digits. The idea was, that when the glowing digit disables, regular digit enables at it’s place.
So far I only animated only glowing digits, but now I had to animate regular digits and to do that, I used “Parameter Wiring”. I wired glowing digit’s visibility(on/off) track, to its regular digit’s visigility(on/off) track.
After wiring both digits, I added Expression: “-Visibility +1”. Now, whenever glowing digit is disabled, a regular digit is enabled automaticly, and vice versa.

After finishing up wiring parameters, I animated camera movement.

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