Making of ‘Divergence Counter’

I started modeling with nixie tubes.

Main construction was made from standard primitives, that were modified with “Edit Poly”.

The front mesh was made from single planar mesh, that was bent with “Path Deform” modifier, and in the end a “Shell” modifier was applied, to get some thickens.

Digits were modeled from splines, using one of my references.

The bulb was a simple cylinder primitive with a few chamfers, extrudes and FFD’s. In the end, I removed some unnecessary polygons from back of the bulb, to decrease rendering time.

After finishing modeling nixie tube, I started to build divergence meter’s base.

Using screen-shots from anime as reference, I had to experiment with different base dimensions, till everything looked about the right size.

Now it was time to model the small stuff: resistors, wires, screws, etc.

As for background of the scene, my goal was to create it as simple and low-ploy, as physically possible.

So the whole environment was made only from three boxes and a plane with “Shell” modifier.

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