Making of ‘Divergence Counter’

There is nothing special about material setup. For the most part I used A&D materials, with some minor adjustments, like Color, Reflectivity, Glossiness, etc.(nothing much, to write about).

There are only few things, I want to mention regarding material setup.


From the very beginning I knew, that I will render Ambient Occlusion pass for post. Unfortunately, it is impossible to render AO through transparent objects. So I had to per-bake AO for nixie tube construction, inside the glass bulb.

In the next image you can see: On the left, object without AO. In the middle, freshly baked AO map. And on the right, object, with AO map applied.


For digits, I used “Blend” material with two sub-materials and mask:

Material 1: was simple “A&D”, with some minor adjustments.

Material 2: “Autodesk Generic” material, with Self Illumination enabled, to emit light.

Mask: “Vertex Color”

Then, I used “VertexPaint” modifier to paint soft transition between the two materials.

And third, but not the least, Hdri map was aplied as environment background.

I got this hdri map from

That is all, regarding material setup.

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