Lapse in Time: Valmiera

With the first snow of in winter of 2012 I decided to shoot and create my first time-lapse video compilation of my hometown Valmiera.
Although freezing my ass, in our rather cold winter nights was challenging enough – I decided to make the task even more challenging, by making it in 4k resolution and achieve it only with free software.

I won’t go deep into workflow of making this video in this post. Rather, I will make seperate tutorial for it in near future.
Everything was shot with my trusty D5100 and ‘Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5 AF-S‘ lens. Images were captured as full rez 14 bit RAW files, for more flexibility in post.
RAW files, then were edited and exported as .PNGs by using RawTherapee. Exported image sequences were later edited with Lightworks and finished with VirtualDub.

Here, you can see full rez screen captures from the video with some exif data.
(Click on the images, to see in full 4k resolution)

Exif:    1.6sec.┃f/4┃iso 400┃18mm(27mm in 35mm format)


Exif:    2sec.┃f/5┃iso 100┃18mm(27mm in 35mm format)


Exif:    2.5sec.┃f/4┃iso 100┃34mm(51mm in 35mm format)


Exif:    2.5sec.┃f/4┃iso 100┃24mm(36mm in 35mm format)


Exif:    1.6sec.┃f/4.0┃iso 160┃34mm(50mm in 35mm format)


Exif:    2sec.┃f/5┃iso 100┃34mm(105mm in 35mm format)


Exif:    2.5sec.┃f/3.5┃iso 100┃18mm(27mm in 35mm format)


Exif:    1.6sec.┃f/4.5┃iso 160┃55mm(82mm in 35mm format)


Exif:    2sec.┃f/4.5┃iso 400┃18mm(27mm in 35mm format)


Exif:    2.5sec.┃f/3.5┃iso 800┃18mm(27mm in 35mm format)


Exif:    8sec.┃f/3.5┃iso 200┃18mm(27mm in 35mm format)


Exif:    24sec.┃f/3.5┃iso 100┃18mm(27mm in 35mm format)


Exif:    20sec.┃f/5.0┃iso 1000┃18mm(27mm in 35mm format)


Exif:    13sec.┃f/3.5┃iso 1600┃18mm(27mm in 35mm format)

That is pretty much it for this post. I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed making it.
And of course: Share it, like it and coment it.

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