Portrait photoshoot (07.07.2015)

Here is a short summary of a DIY portrait photo session I did in july of 2015.

The first shot was inspired by music video: さよならはエモーション By Sakanaction.
_DSC1291The setup was fairly simple. I used a single strobe to light the scene and peace of cardboard to cast shadow. On the left side a reflector was added, to give a slight definition to the face.

Seperation-lineIdea of the second scene was born, when finding old blinds near a dumpster. Idea was to make a classic film noir scene.



This scene was slightly more complicated. The blinds were hanged on a pair of microphone stands and a single strobe was used as main light, to cast shadows on the model. To give some background separation to the blinds, a sheet of tin was used and illuminated with another strobe. To finish the scene, another strobe was used as hair light.

The last batch of portraits were rather simpler ring light shots._DSC0600



I used my DIY led ring light and used a pair of strobes to separate model from the background. All shots were done With 50mm lens on APS-C body.

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