Melting Rubik’s cube

After a long work week, most of my weekends consists of sleeping, watching $hit on the web, and procrastinating. But not this weekend.

My inspiration raised after seeing one of The Big Bang Theory episodes.Where Sheldon had an awesome t-shirt with melting Rubik’s cube.

After roughly ten hours of modeling and few hours testing, rendering and post-processing, it was finished!

13 responses to “Melting Rubik’s cube

    • Glad, you liked it!
      Softwares I used: 3d Studio Max for modeling, Mental Ray for rendering and Photoshop for final touches.

      • Here’s a little tip: If you want to use any of Autodesk’s software(that cost thousands of dollars), you can get student license for free. 😉

  1. I love your melting cube and was hoping you might have a file that I could purchase as it would be an awesome framed print in my home. Having just read the other comments it appears it is lost forever 😦
    If you have any file, or you do not object to my use of the website image I would very much appreciate it. It is truly awesome!!

    • First all. Sorry for late reply.

      Yes – I have lost the original 3ds max file, so I can’t re-render it.
      The best I can do is to give you is to provide 1619 × 1080 jpeg file, that is on this page.
      Use it as you like. If you are using it commercially – credit.

      Best of luck!

      • Thank you very much. I have no plans to use commercially but will definitely credit if I do. If I am able to use both images (colour and the more white cube as well) that would be great. I think they will look great framed next to each other. Once again thanks 🙂

  2. Noting your comment above about non-commercial use, I found your image to be a perfect match for this quote. I hope you like it.

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